About Us - 5th Postulate Engineering

     5th Postulate Engineering is focused on developing risk reduction hardware.  The risk reduction development phase is that hardware phase between the proof-of-concept and the bullet-proof final product.  During the risk reduction phase half a dozen evaluation boards may be cobbled together with twisted pairs and stuffed into a project box with the goal being to test as much of the hardware as possible before committing to a final design. 

We have chosen the hardware we are offering because this is the risk reduction hardware we would buy if we were able.  We are pleased to make these products available at an affordable price.  If there are any risk reduction hardware products that you would like to see, we invite you to please send suggestions to sales@5thpostulate.com

5th Postulate's engineering team brings a broad range of experience in digital design, embedded controller design with microcontrollers and FPGAs, power supply design, wireless data links, microwave/millimeter-wave circuits, and antenna design.  5th Postulate offers contract PCB design services.  For more details, see our services page.